Book Review: One Very Tired Wombat by Renée Treml

With words and art by Renée Treml,  everything about this book is simply gorgeous. You will fall in love with the rhythmic writing and detailed artworks.

Being a nocturnal creature, poor wombat is trying to settle down for a morning sleep. Unfortunately, it’s the same time of day that all the birds wake up and call to one another. Will wombat ever be able to take a nap?

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Book Review: Mine! by Jerome Keane and Susana de Dios

A story about friendship and sharing, “Mine!” is a fun book with bold, bright illustrations.

What first attracted me to this book was the title. As a primary school teacher and mother, I knew this book was going to be handy for teaching about sharing and compromising – the benefits of fairness and the consequences of greed.

When I turned to the first page of the story I was sold. “Fox was bored. Horse was bored.” The body language and facial expressions in the illustrations of these two quirky characters made me laugh out loud.

As fox and horse bicker, using language we have all heard children use, they learn that arguing won’t get you anywhere, but sharing and compromising just might. But sharing is not always simple either!

A gorgeous book with a clear message, child aged 2 and up will enjoy this book, and so will their parents.

Book Review: Colour Dog by Matthew Van Fleet

Interactive books are wonderful, engaging learning tools for many reasons. Used with infants, you are catching their attention and engaging them in reading from birth and developing a love of books which may last a lifetime. Toddlers will love interacting with a book, moving tabs and opening flaps before they can read the words themselves. Older children too can enjoy the added hands on activities of interactive books.

Matthew Van Fleet’s book, ‘Colour Dog’ is one of these books which will engage children from birth until 5 years and beyond. With a variety of interactive elements, there is something to engage every child. 

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Reading Wordless Picture Books

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The other day a friend looked at a gorgeous book we have in our son’s book collection and said ‘I don’t like books like this, there’s no story to read to my daughter’. I was so surprised! As a teacher, I have always enjoyed using books with no words. Apart from the fact that the illustrations are often stunning and can be enjoyable to share in themselves, there are so many benefits to reading picture books of this genre. Wordless picture books are particularly wonderful because they can be used with children of all ages.

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Fruit Fractions

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We all want our children to have a healthy diet. Whether you are puréeing fruit for your infant or sending fruit to kinder with your toddler, fresh fruit is a daily essential.

Cutting up fruit and talking about it with your children is a great way to investigate the concept of fractions. The following are some questions you can ask your children to spark discussion and thinking about this.

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