Looking for ways to support your child with mathematics? Wondering how you can do this in a fun and engaging way, without having to use too much extra time or money?

Look no further! Wonder no more!

Leading Little Lives aims to inspire families to incorporate numeracy into their children’s lives in a fun and relaxing way. Here, you will find ideas and activities which you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

As a teacher, I often have parents asking me ‘How do I support my child at home?’ I believe you do not necessarily need to spend lots of time or money on supporting your child at home. So many essential literacy and numeracy concepts can be discussed and learnt in our everyday lives.

I will be sharing ideas and inspiration for activities and discussions for children aged zero to twelve, to support early learning, readiness for school, and the primary school years.

I hope parents, grandparents, guardians, families and teachers can use these ideas to support their children and students, and can share these with one another to help as many children and their families as possible.

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