Fruit Fractions

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We all want our children to have a healthy diet. Whether you are puréeing fruit for your infant or sending fruit to kinder with your toddler, fresh fruit is a daily essential.

Cutting up fruit and talking about it with your children is a great way to investigate the concept of fractions. The following are some questions you can ask your children to spark discussion and thinking about this.

“How can we cut this apple/banana/orange into halves/quarters/eighths/thirds?” … Talk about how fruits can be cut in different ways to still make the same fraction. Look at unusually shaped fruit, such as a banana, and problem solve to cut it into different fractions.

“How many pieces are there now?” … Count the pieces of fruit with your child and see how this makes different fractions.

“How many pieces are left now?” … If you had four quarters and ate one quarter, how many quarters do you have left?

“How can you make these pieces look the same as this piece?” … Show your child how two quarters of an apple can fit together to look the same as half an apple. Equivalent fractions can be a difficult concept for older children to grasp and using objects such as fruit can help them to see this concept in real life and therefore understand it more thoroughly.

Make fruit salads and fruit kebabs with your children and have casual conversations such as these while you do. Then enjoy a fresh, healthy snack!

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