Sensory Number Board

This easy DIY number board can be used for children from zero to seven years, and beyond, to help them learn essential numeracy skills in a fun, hands on way. Here are some ways you can use it for learning opportunities, and instructions to help you make your own.

Sensory Experience

Babies and infants learn so much in their first few years, and an immense amount of this is through their sense of touch. They love tactile experiences and feeling a variety of textures.

Number Recognition

The bright colours and large fonts are appealing to young children. Name the numbers for your young child and encourage them to repeat you, or use it as a counting prompt for pre schoolers.

Pre Writing of Numerals

Encourage your child to trace over the numbers with their finger. You could also use a paintbrush or in fact any object! Show your child the correct way to write the numbers, for example, tracing the numeral 1 from top to bottom.


Count the numbers with your child. Find objects and put the correct number of each of them next to the corresponding numeral. Great practise of one-to-one correspondence!

Odd and Even Numbers

The way this board has been laid out encourages discussion of odd and even numbers, with the odd numbers down the left hand side and even numbers down the right hand side. A great resource for skip counting by twos as well!

How Did I Make It?

Everything I used to make this Sensory Number Board I found lying around at home.

You will need:

  • A large piece of cardboard (I had a long piece of cardboard which I had saved from some packaging)
  • Some fabrics and paper of a variety of colours and textures (I found an old towel, some sandpaper, some colored paper with different textures on them, some old hessian, etc.)
  • Scissors (I actually had one pair for paper and one for fabric)
  • Craft Glue
  • A pen or felt tip marker
  • A ruler

Begin by measuring up the cardboard and deciding on a height (and approximate width) for your numbers. I ended up making them about 10cm tall and up to about 8cm wide.

Draw your numerals on the back of each material, drawing them back to front so they will be the correct way around when flipped them over! I used the standard format used in our local schools.

Cut them out and attach them to the cardboard using a strong craft glue.


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  1. Kelly

    Great idea to introduce numbers in a sensory rich way

  2. Debs

    What a fun idea. Older kids I’m sure could enjoy doing the cutting out and making of the board themselves. 🙂

  3. Anna

    As a paediatric OT I LOVE this! Actually – ‘sensory’ anything!!! great job with a great resource!