Book Review: Colour Dog by Matthew Van Fleet

Interactive books are wonderful, engaging learning tools for many reasons. Used with infants, you are catching their attention and engaging them in reading from birth and developing a love of books which may last a lifetime. Toddlers will love interacting with a book, moving tabs and opening flaps before they can read the words themselves. Older children too can enjoy the added hands on activities of interactive books.

Matthew Van Fleet’s book, ‘Colour Dog’ is one of these books which will engage children from birth until 5 years and beyond. With a variety of interactive elements, there is something to engage every child. 

The crinkly brown paper makes a great noise!

Our 9 month old loves touching the fabrics used in the fur of the dogs and textures of other objects. Sensory stimulation such as this supports your baby’s development and learning. But what makes this book particularly attractive to our little man, is the large tabs down the side of the book. His little fingers don’t have to struggle to turn the page of a regular board book, and I don’t have to worry about him tearing a page of a paper book. He can easily grab a tab on the side of the book and turn the pages, like he has seen us do with books every day.

Using the tabs to turn the pages.

But these tabs are not just for turning pages. Each of them pulls out to make something move, and one even makes a noise to match the ‘stinky’ dog at the end – a favourite with many children!

Each page features a different colour, and the name of the colour is prominently placed in large font on each page. An excellent assistance to children in reading and recognizing these words. Younger readers will enjoy finding the things on each page which match the colour, and older readers will find confidence and success in reading the ‘colour words’.

With so many fun, interactive features (did I mention there’s even a scratch and sniff?!) I highly recommend this book for children of all ages.

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