Book Review: Mine! by Jerome Keane and Susana de Dios

A story about friendship and sharing, “Mine!” is a fun book with bold, bright illustrations.

What first attracted me to this book was the title. As a primary school teacher and mother, I knew this book was going to be handy for teaching about sharing and compromising – the benefits of fairness and the consequences of greed.

When I turned to the first page of the story I was sold. “Fox was bored. Horse was bored.” The body language and facial expressions in the illustrations of these two quirky characters made me laugh out loud.

As fox and horse bicker, using language we have all heard children use, they learn that arguing won’t get you anywhere, but sharing and compromising just might. But sharing is not always simple either!

A gorgeous book with a clear message, child aged 2 and up will enjoy this book, and so will their parents.

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