Book Review: One Very Tired Wombat by Renée Treml

With words and art by Renée Treml,  everything about this book is simply gorgeous. You will fall in love with the rhythmic writing and detailed artworks.

Being a nocturnal creature, poor wombat is trying to settle down for a morning sleep. Unfortunately, it’s the same time of day that all the birds wake up and call to one another. Will wombat ever be able to take a nap?

This counting book is extra special. Not only does it count forward to ten, but it then counts backwards as well. The numerals on each page are large and bold, and enhanced with a spot of colour, making it easy for children to find and recognize each number as you read. Children can also count the number of birds on each page, practising simple counting skills and one-to-one correspondence. How many birds are there all together on wombat? Older children can learn simple addition too!

The rhythm makes this story a delight to read aloud, and the alliteration and carefully chosen language is beautiful. Rhyming words encourage children to join in as they predict how the next line will finish. The descriptive language of the bird calls will encourage your little one to think about the different sounds different birds make. Why not try making some of these sounds with your child as you read!

Renée has even included facts about the animals features at the end of the book, teaching young readers about these native creatures. Posing questions encourages children to think deeply about what they are reading, and the questions posed at the end of this book also encourage research skills for older readers.

The gorgeous black and white pictures of Australian animals, with splashes of colour on the pages, are stunningly created by this talented artist. We were lucky enough to buy our copy directly from the author and even have it signed by her.

A lovely book for young children, perfect for every bookshelf.

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